Some events can change your life forever. Jeff Pond, owner of London Home Respiratory Inc., lived through such an event in 1991 as his 6-month old daughter, Kristine, lay struggling to breathe at Londons’Childrens Hospital. “It was a very touch-and-go situation, and there were times when we weren’t sure if Krissy would survive,” says Pond.

Krissy did survive, and is healthy today; thanks in part to the home care Respiratory Therapist who provided home recovery treatment for Krissy following her stay in the hospital. And it’s that very same therapist that Pond credits for the inspiration to pursue his chosen career. After witnessing his daughter’s recovery, Pond enrolled in the Registered Respiratory Therapist program at Fanshawe College.

“It seemed to be a natural step for me,” says Pond, about his decision to become a Registered Respiratory Therapist. Pond is long-accustomed to the lifestyle of helping others, having been married to a nurse, and by volunteering as a clerk in the critical care unit at Victoria Hospital.

After Pond’s graduation in 1994, his first job was with a respiratory care vendor, as a district office therapist manager in London. After a few years, Pond seized the opportunity to start his own business, opening London Home Respiratory Inc. (LHR) at the Wortley Medical Centre on Wortley Road, in 1998.

London Home Respiratory Inc. provides respiratory aids to patients who have difficulty breathing, so they can enjoy a normal lifestyle in their own homes.

Many of Pond’s patients are afflicted with illnesses that cause shortness of breath, such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, or cancer. For these patients, LHR carries a variety of equipment that increases oxygen to the lungs.

Another area of care involves patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, a medical condition where the airways in the throat become blocked while sleeping. These patients wear a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) unit over their nose and/or mouth while asleep, to keep the airways open.

London Home Respiratory Inc. primarily serves patients who have been referred to them by a family physician, clinic or hospital. When responding to a referral, Jeff, or one of Respiratory Therapists on staff, travels to the patient’s home to provide a free assessment of needs. Jeff’s team then indicates to the physician the type of service required to help treat the patient. Some referrals also come from local area sleep labs.

With most patients, a bond is struck from the moment of that first assessment, as Jeff and his team play important roles in their patients’ improved lifestyle.

“First and foremost, this business is about helping people,” says Pond. “My patients know they can reach us anytime of day or night when they’re in need, because we put their health, safety and comfort first,” he says.

Excellent customer service is part of Pond’s approach to professional patient care. The free 30-day trials offered on CPAP units is one example. With the latest advances in new CPAP masks, Pond says he can help any patient find relief with a CPAP that fits perfectly and comfortably. In addition, London Home Respiratory enjoys ongoing dialogue with patients through their newsletter, which encourages, and generates, regular patient feedback.

Pond’s daily routine is evidence that he has truly found his calling. During busy periods, he happily puts “the business end” of his operation on hold and heads out to provide in-home patient service to his clients, just like the rest of LHR’s staff.

It’s during these moments that Pond sees the results of his efforts first hand and, he says, is reminded of why he got into this business in the first place.
“With our products and our patient care, we’re helping people dramatically increase the quality of their lives,” says Pond, “and that’s why this career is so rewarding.”

LHR, Inc. services the London, Ontario and greater regional area for patients requiring Home Oxygen, Aerosol Compressors, CPAP, and Respiratory Devices approved by the Ministry of Health. Patient care is covered by Registered Respiratory Therapy staff for patient care, assessments, education, and equipment delivery and maintenance. On site services include Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT’S), Nocturnal Screening for Sleep Apnea, CPAP titrations and patient testing for home oxygen.

In Oct. 2011 London Home Respiratory, Inc. was given the unique opportunity to move into the newly built Springbank Medical Center along with many area physicians, specialists and other healthcare providers.


Jeff Pond invites anyone with questions about home respiratory services or sleep apnea to call London Home Respiratory, Inc.

519 434 0730